App shopper- Better than Apple’s  App Site

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wifi Finder- Down Load National List of WIFI

iCab Mobile (Web Browser)

Icab mobile- Web Browser with Tabs and Massive Sharing Plug-Ins. (still no WordPress plugin WTF)


Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Download Manager & Dropbox

Atomic web- Download capable Web browser with Tabs(No WordPress WTF)



Muji calendar- Enter New dates Fast, Syncs both ways with G-Cal



gTasks HD (Google Tasks™ Go Mobile)

Gtasks- Best damn ToDo List Syncs Both Ways With GTasks


Evernote- A Must Have for keeping track of Web info Syncs w every device(No WordPress WTF)




Dropbox- Transfer files and use them between apps, computer and devices.(No WordPress WTF)

Read It Later Free

Read it later- Read web pages and articles with no Ads at your leasure (No WordPress WTF)



Google Books

Google books- Download books some for free other can be bought




Flipboard- Beautiful RSS Reader with share Buttons (No WordPress WTF)



MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

Mobile rss-Beautiful RSS Reader with Share Buttons (No WordPress WTF)




Vimeo- Edit Your Videos and then Share them on Vimeo




Instagram-Photo filters and Share Capable ( No WordPress WTF)




Idraw- The BEST drawing app on IPAD- Adobe and Autodesk can suck it. This is really the best combination of basic illustration/drafting tools I’ve ever seen. Includes dimensioning BUY THIS you’ll love it. Wish Graphite Vellum would make a drafting App.




SketchBook Mobile

Sketchbook pro- A really Good Drawing App




Multi convert- Covert Everything



Google Voice

Google Voice- Call usingyour Google voice Account over wifi



Vtok - Gtalk video and voice calls, text chat + Google Voice phone and SMS

GTalk- Use your Google Video Chat if you have Camera



Whistle Phone

WhistlePhone- Make free calls




Skype- Nuf Said  IS AWESOME, Padora and Spotify are So Lame. Sign Up and learn how to use this Music social site and discover all the music you never new about, but you will love. Read’s your Itunes folder to see what you like and plays simolar artist. The tations do not loop playlists like Padora.




Yelp- You Should Know By Now



Cut the Rope Lite

Cut the rope- Use your conceptul skills in this Game