by Marloes ten Bhömer

Rapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten Bhomer

The concept of the shoe is based on the idea of the absence of assembly work in Rapid Manufacturing, however the shoe is designed in such a way, that it can be dismantled for the purpose of replacing parts. The different material properties within the shoe are created by constructing/layering the material in microscopic structures from two different materials. A myriad of different material properties can be created using this method.

Rapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten BhomerRapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten BhomerRapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten Bhomer

Mechanical Couture; Fashioning a New Order,

14 October 2010 – 8 January 2011,

Design Museum Holon, Israel

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