Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt Hard Drives

The new MiniStation Cobalt shock-resistant hard drives. Available in 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, or 500GB in three different colors. The MiniStation Cobalt hard drives are priced from $80 to $170, depending on the storage capacity. ( go big or go home) Buffalo also offers “LinkStation Pro NAS” that  allows you to access your files via any web browser.

Buffalo MiniStation Shinobi Portable Hard Drive

A hard drive about as thick as a credit card. The MiniStation “Shinobi” portable hard drive measures only 5mm thick “the world’s thinnest external hard drive”. Available in a black finish, the hard drive comes bundled with portable versions (no install required) of Firefox and Thunderbird (email-client). The 30GB model retails for $120, meanwhile the 60GB is priced at $170. For your info, “Shinobi” means “protector” in Japanese.

I’m still looking for that 1TB portable under $150.

Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt Hard Drives.