Bose Acoustic Wave II Review

Aimed at representing the sound of a stereo system using a single, portable package.

For less critical listeners with large pockets and lot of confidence in the Bose Brand. It will look pretty on the mantel.

The Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II for those who dislike the look of electronics in the living room, it does not look like a piece of audio equipment. The Acoustic Wave Music System II has a minimalist look,  more like an air cleaner than a music device .

On a utilitarian note The CD player supports MP3 playback, though it is difficult to navigate the display. the LCD screen on the top is missing – it forces you to look up at the screen. Also no EQ – not even basic bass and treble controls ( Bose’s desire to keep things simple for users). It is also worth noting that the System has handles on the sides for transport. This portability can be taken advantage of with  add-ons such as a battery Pack extended ($ 149) and cigarette lighter adapter ($ 16).

Bose Acoustic Wave II Review

Pottery Barn should work with Bose to make a Table Top Stereo.