This 1957 Kurtis Kraft 500G Roadster built by Frank Kurtis for McNamara/Kalamazoo Sports. Andy Linden started in 12th place after he qualified the car at 143.244 mph for the 1957 Indy 500. He finished 5th in this car. In 1958 the car was sponsored and owned by the City of Daytona/Smokey and driven by Paul Goldsmith who qualified the car in 16th with a speed of 142.744. He finished in 30th.  Goldy was involved in a multi-car crash and out of the race with 199 laps to go. Yunick returned in 1959 with what he called Smokey’s Reverse Torque Special, driven to a Seventh-Place finish by Indy great Duane Carter. In 1960, Yunick hit a home run. He and Chicky Hiroshima teamed up with driver (and team manager) Jim Rathmann to win it all in the Ken-Paul Special.

Smokey Yunick Indy Car : Legendary Collector Cars.