sakku.traveller is the “big” bag. It is made from reclaimed sails from swiss sailing boats. The bag is 100% swiss made. Thereby the sakku.traveller is a high quality product and extreme sturdy. All bags are numbered and stamped with the lake origin. So every bag is an unicum.


* height 47cm, width 35cm, depth 16cm  – * water-resistan  – * big solar panel (5W)

The sakku.traveller is available in two different versions. With the “direct-version” you can charge your electronic device, whenever the sun is shining, but you need strong dayligth. Compared to the direct-version, the battery-version is equipped with an integrated battery (2200mAH), which stores the solar energy. You charge your electronic device from the battery then also at nigth or while it’s raining. The battery has an USB output and is delivered with an adapter set. More information about the battery-box you find here

sakku – die solartasche mit flexiblem solarpanel zum Aufladen von Handy, iPod, mp3-Player, GPS, Digitalkamera: sakku.traveller.