Leather Jacket and Blouson T-shirt from Porsche Design

Functionality, top quality technology and striking design set the Porsche Design Sport range apart. Driving, Golf, Running/Fitness, Tennis and Water/Snow are the categories that make up the collection of apparel, footwear and accessories. With each piece, exclusive materials are combined with performance-enhanced details and superior craftsmanship to create a signature look that is cutting-edge, modern and timeless.

The main focus of this line seems to be leather jackets. And the limited edition leather jacket is undoubtedly the highlight of this collection. The company uses hard-wearing and light leather with a paper-like appearance to give this jacket its chic looks. A casual jacket, it is limited to just 100 units and features perforation in the shoulder, sleeve and torso area.

via Porsche Design and Adidas Unveil Sport Spring/Summer 2010 Collection :eXtravaganzi.