One of my favorite underground photographers.

I really like his high contrast, stark black and white photo’s. Mel D. Cole posts regularly to his blog VillageSlum and HighSnobiety. Working predominantly in New York’s Tri-State Area, he takes pics at concerts, events, jumpies ( parties) on the street and sometimes in studios. He started taking pics at a tender age of 29ish. It all started at a show at SOBs in NYC during the Electric Circus days, with a lil Rite-Aide disposable camera! It took him about 4 more years to buckle down and get a real camera. Now he uses a Canon 40 and a 50 and shoots the some of the highest profile stars in the games.


Best of the Last 3 shows-Osaka, nagoya & YokohamaDay 2 ACB Club 9.19,09Picture 5Mos Def


“But just know what you are getting yourself into 1st.
I am not some slack rocking, tie wearing, boring ass photog dude.”

“I am a beer drinking, moving and shaking, fun having, getting the shot no matter what while sweating dumb hard in the summer or winter, tattoo having, woman loving, hard working pic taking photog.”

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