The new SpacePilot Pro represents the next evolution in the 3d control specialists product range, following on from and improving on the SpacePilot product introduced a year or two ago.

Using the control cap to provide full 3D navigation of 3D models on screen. There are programmable buttons, axis locks and such, the addition of an LCD monitor in techni-colour.In addition to giving you visual guides to the context sensitive short cut buttons, the LCD can be used to connect to your desktop, stream outlook calender items, tasks and to-do lists, previewing email or streaming or even an RSS feed.

QuickView navigation keys give you access to the usual top and bottom, right and left, front and back, two isometric views – they also add 90-degree view rotation of any view either clockwise or counter-clockwise – something that’s incredibly useful when you start to use it.

Alongside the usual suspects of Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia, Pro/Engineer, NX and Solid Edge, there’s now support for almost everything from Ansys to Vero VISI and VX.

The device will begin shipping later this month, costs 399 GBP and is backed up with a three year warranty.

DEVELOP3D blog – 3Dconnexion launches the Ultimate 3D control device.