by Steven Heller

Before 1906, when the poster first appeared on the streets of Berlin, persuasive simplicity was a rare thing in most advertising: posters, especially, tended to be wordy and ornate. No one had yet heard of its young creator, who, thanks to this poster, was to influence the genre of advertising known as the Sachplakat, or object poster.

Lucian Bernhard became a prolific designer not only of innovative posters but of trademarks, packaging, type, textiles, furniture, and interior design. From his studio in New York City (he left Berlin in 1922), he developed some of the most recognizable American business advertising and trademarks, for such clients as Cat’s Paw, ExLax, and Amoco. He also designed more than thirty-five popular display typefaces, including Bernhard Gothic.”

IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziechungen) in Stuttgart has planned a traveling exhibit “Lucian Bernhard: Advertising and Design at the Dawn of the 20th Century.” The only venue planned is the Goethe Institut in Kiev, Ukraine (Jan 1 – June 30, 2011). But if someone in this country contacts IFA about the exhibition coming to the United States, then maybe it will.

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