The material has come a long way from brown paper bags, as this new lamp proves.

The new W101 lamp, designed by Swedish architecture and design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune, does away with gangly components in favor of a single molded form.

The origami-like lamp is made from Södra DuraPulp, a biodegradable material that consists of wood pulp from managed forests combined with corn starch-based plastic. Purportedly as durable and long-lasting as wood or metal, the material can be pressed into a hard, molded form.

The lamp is made from a single piece of DuraPulp, attached to a base containing electronics. CKR collaborated with Wästberg to develop a strategy for integrated electricity and light within the paper structure. The final solution uses LEDs, which are efficient and produce little heat.

Recycled Paper’s Beautiful New Future | Co.Design.