A robot venture from Japan called Cyberdyne (yes, just like the evil corporation in the Terminator movies) has developed a futuristic exoskeleton HAL-5, a wearable robotic suit that helps paralyzed persons walk and lift heavy objects.


When a person attempts to walk, for instance, the brain sends electrical impulses to muscles. when they arrive at muscles, faint bio-electrical signals appear on skin surfaces. “HAL”‘s system works as described below.

  1. the bio-electrical sensors attached to the skin read the signals
  2. the computer immediately analyzes how much power the wearer intends to generate
  3. calculates the adequate amount of power assist and command power units
  4. power units generate torque and put limbs into action.


Um, they need a sexier model. This guys not working for me.

Cyberdyne Corp. starts exporting its robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 (video).