All I know is, there are people who expect the best and get it.

And I expect to be one of them.

I grew up with someone who lived by the motto, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.” His feeling was, if you hope for the best, there’s always a chance that some day you’ll get lucky. But if you expect the worst, well, when things go sour there’s less room for disappointment.

But here’s the thing — nobody who ever did anything great expected the worst. They may allow for failure on the first or second or 50th try. They may expect an uphill battle and temporary setbacks. But they always believe the best is imminent.

To expect the worst is to subconsciously guide yourself to that end. It paves the way for mediocrity and self-fulfilling prophesies. If you expect the worst, there’s nothing to lose — especially your emotional investment.

What if, just for once, you allowed yourself to expect the best? I mean, really, truly felt it in your bones. If you believed in the best possible result, how would you approach your project differently? Would you spend a little extra time? Do a little more research? If something went haywire after the first day, would you just give up? Or look for a way to learn from it and make it better?

I’m learning more and more each day about the power that intentions have over the course of our lives. And not because of some mystical, unseen energy (although I’m believing in that too). But because of the way our beliefs affect the way we act.

We all know hard-luck people. They expect the worst and are always rewarded. We also know charmed lives that find good fortune every day. Regardless of which side of that spectrum you fall on, you can be sure that you’re wearing your beliefs on your sleeve. And people around you react accordingly.

It’s a little bit chicken-and-egg. Do negative thinkers get that way because of negative circumstances? Or are negative circumstances invited by negative thinking? All I know is, there are people who expect the best and get it. And I expect to be one of them.

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