The new logo symbolizes a departure from our old heritage.

It symbolizes how we change people’s lives throughout the world with innovative products and services.

The new logo reflects the importance of dimension, the entire color spectrum, and key elements of light, movement and sound in a dynamic and balanced composition.
Press Release after winning “best new logo award by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) of New York City”

Technicolor Logo, Before and After

Technicolor seemed to have gone astray. It was bought by French tech company Thomson in 2001 and the Technicolor name became a simple subsidiary. In a 180-degree-turn-of-events,

Today, Technicolor is a machine of technological proportions, providing services in animation, digital effects, production, post-production, and more. Both Thomson and Technicolor have adopted a new logo, designed by Technicolor’s Marketing Branding team with advertising agency

Technically, This is Very Colorful – Brand New.