The best they could come up with for President Lincoln’s coin was a union shield that is so tacky it might have been drawn by a Confederate?


If you haven’t seen it already, the back of the 2010 penny looks like it came from a novelty store.

It gives penny dreadful new meaning.

Symbolizing the original thirteen states joined together in a single compact union.
‘One Cent’ and ‘United States of America’ appears above the shield.
We all know a penny won’t buy anything, but just for old time’s sake, some of the other designs (below) showed a little more respect for our storied currency.
Hey brother, can you spare design?

Designed by US Mint Artistic Infusion Program

Associate Designer Lyndall Bass and

engraved by US Mint Sculptor-Engraver Joseph Menna,

Penny Dreadful.