A Zeese and Co.

These are a few highlights from The Inland Printer dating back to 1898. The Inland Printer was a leather-bound trade catalog distributed around Chicago and New York to various print and publishing houses. It featured the latest and greatest printing technologies and services available in 1898; Linotype printing machines, steel engraved ornaments, and a variety of printing, folding and cutting machines, not to mention my favorite part, the advertising for the various printing and engraving companies featured in the book, like the samples above for instance.

Naturally, these scans don’t do justice to the originals  high-quality inks and paper used in this publication. After 112 years, the prints and pages throughout the book are holding up quite well and are still very bright (the Ault & Wiborg prints look like they came off the press yesterday).

The Ault and Wiborg Company2

Blomgren Bros and Co

Taknecke Bros Metallic

Taknecke Bros Pink

Electric City Engraving Co.

Calendar Plates for 1899

The Ault and Wiborg Company

Inland Printer Catalog from 1898 | Colorcubic.