I saw this light first at Zinc Details, on Fillmore Street.

The Designer, Peter Stathis, is here in SF at 1001 Mariposa St.  I love this lamp because of the democratic nature of the materials. This design could be CNC cut from any material and fastened together by hand. I could practically cut the parts by hand.

A very efficient design for manufacturing. The LEDs and energy savings are Bonus on this one.


Link Light by Allsteel

When approaching the design for Link, the goal was to create an efficient, sustainable lighting solution using as few parts as possible.


The highly adjustable arm is covered in a conductive aluminum skin, eliminating the need for internal wiring, while the halo-like head offers 180-degree movement. Link uses 97% less energy than an incandescent task light and is rated for a minimum of 10-15 years of daily use!

via NeoCon 2010 Top5.