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Quick Tip: Sketching with a Mechanical Pencil

Posted by – Spencer Nugent | May 23, 2010


If you’re like me and love to sketch with pencil on occasion, it can be very hard to do while in an impromptu setting with traditional prismacolor or other pencils. You’d need a sharpener and a bevy of pencils if you want to keep sketching with a reasonably sharp pencil point.

Here’s the tip: If you’re wanting to sketch with pencil on the road, try using a mechanical pencil like the Pentel Mechanical Pencil. Regular mechanical pencil lead smudges for me, so I swap it out with waxy colored pencil lead refills that don’t smudge and are reminiscient of sketching with red or blue prismacolor pencils.

You’ll need to pick up a mechanical pencil that takes colored refills that are .7mm or .9mm so that the point won’t snap every time you put some pressure to it. Using mechanical pencils, I can get the benefits of sketching with a pencil without having to lug around a sharpener and several pencils! So give it a try some time.

Check out two samples I did below with a .7mm point in blue and .9mm point in red –

Chexk out his Videos Too.

via Industrial Design Sketching and Drawing Video Tutorials.